Project Labor Agreement Approved for Private Sector 25-Story Museum Place Development Project in Downtown San Jose


On Tuesday, the San Jose City Council approved the 25-story mixed-use Museum Place development project. The development contains a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) with local construction trade unions that requires the hiring of local workers for the project and that they be paid the prevailing wage. The PLA also contains provisions supporting apprenticeship work opportunities for veterans.

“We commend Insight Realty for demonstrating to the Project Labor Agreement “naysayers” that a developer proposing a private sector project can work collaboratively with unions to employ local workers and pay them a family sustainable wage and still make a tidy profit,” said Stan Smith, Business Agent for Sprinkler Fitters UA Local 483.

The Museum Place project is a 1.4 million-square-foot development with office space, retail, residential units and a boutique hotel.

In May of 2017, the San Jose City Council provided strong direction to the developer to meet and negotiate with local construction trade unions to reach a consensus on a community benefit component of the project. These negotiations produced the above referenced private sector development Project Labor Agreement.

“The City Council recognized that our community should also benefit from a private project of this size and Insight Realty demonstrated leadership and responded by ensuring that local workers get hired at a decent wage while also increasing the pipeline of construction trade apprenticeship workers,” said Dan Rodriguez, Business Manager for IBEW LU 332.

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