Kathleen King Wins Appointment to County Board of Education

In December of 2017, Santa Clara County Board of Education Member Michael Chang stepped down from his post on the Board.  His sudden resignation left the Board in a challenging position, often tying on critical issues it faced and being divided between members who rubber stamp charter school petitions and those who take a more balanced approach. Yesterday, the Board voted on Chang’s replacement.

On the first vote taken by the Santa Clara County Board of Education, former Monte Sereno Mayor Kathleen King had support from Board Chair Rosemary Kamei, Claudia Rossi and Anna Song. Grace Mah and Darcie Green voted for social worker Naomi Nakano-Matsumoto, while Joseph Di Salvo voted for Teach for America alumnus Allison Becker. On the second vote no one changed positions, causing quite a bit of back-and-forth before Darcie Green changed her vote to Kathleen King giving King the majority and the appointment.  The Board had been evenly divided between charter school advocates and charter school skeptics. The addition of Kathleen King to the Board tips the majority in favor of those who want reasonable oversight of charter schools.

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