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Whopper of the Week: Flawed Fiscal Forethought

On February 20th, the San Jose Mercury News published a column by David Crane offering advice to California’s elected officials on fiscal issues.  This is the same David Crane who provided fiscal counsel to former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Those who remember the fiscal brilliance of the Schwarzenegger administration might expect the whoppers to be coming fast and furious. Relax; you aren’t going to be disappointed. Read more »


NEW POLLING: Honda holds double-digit lead in CA-17 Primary

Despite aggressive campaigning by his billionaire financed Democratic and Republican opponents, Congressman Mike Honda continues to hold double-digit leads in both primary and general election polling for his CA-17 race and 61% of CA-17 voters polled approve of the way Rep. Honda is handling his job as their Congressman. (results below)

 The recent polling conducted by Public Policy Polling on behalf of Democracy for America also shows how quickly Republican Vanila Singh’s entrance into the CA-17 race has derailed corporate Democrat Ro Khanna effort to challenge Honda from the right. Read more »


Task Force to Examine Jail Release Issues

 What do we need to know about the thousands of individuals that are released from our County jail each year before their trials?

Last November, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted to retain the County’s Civil Detainer policy, which controls the cooperation between our local law enforcement agencies and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Some tried to make a public safety issue out of the arrestees who sparked interest from ICE. But those represent less than 4% of our total arrestees.  As we work to keep the community safe, we need to widen the lens and examine the public safety impact of ALL of those booked at our jail.  Read more »


Busting the Achievement Gap

Is there anyone among us who doesn’t believe our children are our future, or that early childhood education is key a person’s future success in life?

Last week, I was invited to join the Gapbusters bus tour during its three-day, seven stop tour, from San Diego to Sacramento, to call on Gov. Brown to: Read more »


Cortese Has a Strong Lead in SJ Mayor’s Race

It’s not surprising to see Dave Cortese leading in a new poll surveying those San Jose residents most likely to vote in June in the San Jose Mayor’s race.  The results show that San Jose voters are no dummies.

In the upcoming primary election, it will take only about 23% of the vote to advance to the general election, and Cortese already has a commanding overall lead with 19%.  Read more »


Policy Watch: Your weekly tip sheet for what’s going on in your community.

City of Sunnyvale

 Tentative presentation dates for council-ranked study issues

The Sunnyvale City Council is setting the dates for study issues that the Council plans to take up throughout the year. Staff is making the recommendations based on departmental workloads and available resources. Highlights include moving forward with a minimum wage ordinance in Sunnyvale.  Check out the full list here – link. Read more »


Immigration Reform – Making Communities Safer

During last month’s State of the Union, President Obama asserted that immigration reform will grow the national economy and shrink our deficits.  If that isn’t enough to support reform, consider another benefit: it will make our neighborhoods safer.  As a former criminal prosecutor, I saw that successful crime prevention grows from the roots of a community.  Authorities respond to and investigate information and evidence provided by vigilant residents. Community policing also extends to courtrooms, where residents testify against those who threaten the security of their neighborhoods. Read more »


Whopper of the Week: Trifecta on the “war on jobs”

On February 13th, columnist Charles Krauthammer offered the readers of many newspapers, including the San Jose Mercury News, an essay entitled, “Obama’s War on Jobs.”

Reviewing this article reveals, first, that the war on jobs was allegedly most glaringly demonstrated by passage of the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare), and, second, that Mr. Krauthammer’s comments on this subject include an impressive number of whoppers. Read more »


State of the City Speech: A Citizen’s hopes for a simple and brief speech.

I was fortunate to get an invitation to attend the State of the City address on 20th February 2014, where I am sure we will hear long self-serving speeches about how wonderful our city is.  But I am a simple minded citizen. I like to keep things simple.  So I propose that the entire speech be written in the form of a few questions (and answers) about the principles that should guide the governance of our great city on one or two 3×5 index cards. Read more »


A Community Approach for a Common Sense Law

After 16 years, it’s finally happening: common sense.

 Immigrant communities and advocacy  organizations from all over the state have been waiting 16 years for a bill to allow driver’s licenses for all Californians regardless of immigration status, and this past October, that wait finally ended as the Governor signed the bill AB 60 into law. Read more »


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