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Marriage – What Have We Learned?

It’s been close to 24 years since a small group of lesbian and gay Hawaiian’s had the audacity to think they could access the 1,100 rights and obligations afforded to “married” people.  Those of us working for employment, housing, credit and public accommodation equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people saw “marriage” as tangential to our struggle, and…

Policy Watch: Your weekly tip sheet for what’s going on in your community

It’s a light week with most municipalities on summer recess, so we’re padding Policy Watch with some Neil deGrasse Tyson. If you wish to write a blog post from scratch, first you must make the universe. Sunnyvale Public Hearing on regulating short-term rental units The Sunnyvale Housing & Human Services Commission is holding a public hearing on regulating short-term residential…

Women’s Health Care is on the Line Again as the GOP led Congress Revives Their Assault on Birth Control Access

Here we go again in the war against birth control. Yes, in 2015 a large contingent of lawmakers in Congress apparently won’t rest until all low-income women and families are unable to get birth control. The House of Representatives recently voted for a bill that would completely eliminate funding for the nation’s Title X Family Planning Program, the latest brazen…


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