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Madison Nguyen “Wines” For Voters

Mayor candidate Madison Nguyen has a campaign prop we haven’t seen before: the “Madison Merlot” with a label showing her campaign slogan and picture in front of San Jose City Hall.   Some may question whether she’s acting as a good role model for San Jose youth when she campaigns with liquor.  However, there is some precedent for this type…

Workers Memorial Day: A Call for Safety on the Job

Close to 100 community, faith, and labor leaders gathered together yesterday to honor workers who have passed and those who work under dangerous conditions as a tribute to Workers Memorial Day.  Construction workers, plumbers, room attendants, and others told their stories and shared the realities they face every day of dangers on the job.   From having to lift heavy mattresses to…

Whopper of the Week: NIMBY is Not Just for Conservatives

This week’s whopper is found in a column titled “The High Cost of Liberalism” by Thomas Sowell that is dated 4/22/14 and included in the Real Clear Politics website. Sowell argues that among these high costs is the exorbitant price of housing in Palo Alto and San Francisco. Liberalism is the culprit because that ideology prohibits development of “vast amounts…

Why May Day?

In May 1886 immigrant workers joined with  American born workers to call for an eight hour day.  They demanded a measure of justice. They wanted some fair share of the great wealth their work produced for the industrialist millionaire “Robber Barons,” the ruling class 1% of the day. When they called a strike and picketed they were shot and killed.

Immigrant Rights Are Family Rights

By now you’ve probably seen the headlines about the Obama administration’s outrageous record of deporting immigrants for committing minor offenses. You may be wondering why you should care that well over a million undocumented immigrants have been deported for nothing more serious than a minor traffic violation or misdemeanor. Here’s why: This is a family issue.

A Measured Fix for Measure B

Sometimes politics is described as a pendulum swinging back and forth: one side may be very successful for a while, but eventually political momentum tends to swing back the other way.  At the City of San Jose in recent years, the pendulum has swung very far in the pro pension-reform direction.  There has been a sense among pension reform advocates…

No Labor Endorsement in Controversial Judicial Race

The delegates to the South Bay Labor Council  voted on the last few endorsements before the June 3rd Primary Election, and they decided to stay out of the fray of the controversial issue of whom to endorse in the race for judicial seat 24, currently  held by Diane Ritchie.  The delegates overwhelmingly voted to make no endorsement in that race. 

Mayor Reed Should Have Accepted Help

When your house is on fire and somebody offers their water to help, it is wise to accept. No reasonable person would reject such assistance. But that is exactly what Mayor Chuck Reed did to Supervisor Dave Cortese’s proposal to help stem the crime rate in San Jose using Sheriff’s deputies to temporarily augment an understaffed and demoralized San Jose Police Department.  Reed didn’t…