SJ Council District 4 Money

UPDATE:  Alex Torres appears to have submitted his fundraising report and has a bit over $5500, running neck in neck for last place with Johnny Lee.

As we know from previous failed political races (Ro Khanna, Meg Witman) where uber-amounts of money were raised, it’s not always the case that the one with the  most money wins, but we’re keeping tabs anyway on who’s raised what in the San Jose City Council District 4 race.  Read on to see the numbers…

Here’s how it breaks down:

Manh Nguyen – $95,476

Bob Dhillon $89,630

Lan Diep  $46,285

Rudy Nasol  $26,550

Khoa Nguyen  $18,430.00

Tim Orozco  16,471.91

Johnny Lee   5,466.11

Alex Torres, apparently, is having some trouble filing his report, according to the San Jose City Clerk’s office.  They’re working on getting it resolved and we’ll get you the information as soon as we  have it.

Lan Diep and Manh Nguyen are among the top three fundraisers to far, but along with Khoa Nguyen they are likely to split the Vietnamese vote in Distrcit 4.  The Chamber of Commerce endorsed both Lan Diep and Manh Nguyen, but they appear to be spending money only on Diep.  And while Tim Orozco is off to a slow start, it should be noted that he started the race a little later than the others, and he’s still the most qualified candidate of the bunch.

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  • rj915 Mar 10, 2015 at 10:36 am

    So, how do you define what a “qualified” candidate? Someone who is a lifetime legislative aid who will tote the party line? Someone who is has worked in the trenches working with community members but with no special agenda behind such for a special interest group or state politician? someone with big money behind them? or, how is one considered qualified? I’d like to know and I am sure the community would like to know.

    Thanks. -Robert

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