New Poll & Study Show Massive Landlord Profits, Voter Support for Renters

Yesterday, a new research report released by Working Partnerships USA, Cashing In on Renters, found that a family in Silicon Valley now needs to earn $113,040 to afford the average two-bedroom apartment, and that the number of “no cause” evictions has increased by 270 percent in the past five years. In addition, it reveals that large, non-San Jose based landlords earn $2.9 million each year from Silicon Valley’s extreme rents.

Other key findings from the report include:

  • Since 2010, over 2,200 households suffered “no cause” evictions.
  • Data from neighboring San Mateo County showed “no cause” evictions disproportionately target female-headed households, families with children, seniors, low-income households, Latinos, African Americans and Spanish speakers.

A new poll of San Jose voters conducted by EMC Research was also released. It shows large majorities of likely voters support increased renter protections like a “just cause” eviction policy, an Ellis Act ordinance, and rent control.

The San Jose City Council is scheduled to consider two housing ordinances next week, one requiring “just cause” for evictions and the other ensuring that landlords provide relocation assistance for tenants if their apartment is taken off the market for repairs or under the Ellis Act.

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