As Bay 101 Prepares for its Move, its Employees went on Strike

Bay 101 workers went on strike in the early hours of Friday morning and maintained a constant picket line in front of the 24-hour casino.

While Bay 101 is putting the final touches on its shiny new building, many of its loyal employees are being left behind. The card room, which is owned by members of the prominent Bumb family, plans to lay off its food and beverage workers as it makes the move across Highway 101.

As workers face losing their jobs, the Bumb family is hiding behind it’s separate business entities. Bay 101 has claimed that the landlord at their new location decided to contract out food and beverage. So, who is this mysterious landlord? Land records show that the property is under the control of a limited liability company managed by Bumb family members.

Of the over 120 Bay 101 workers who are members of the UNITE HERE Local 19 union, nearly 90 are food and beverage workers. The layoffs have been the paramount issue in negotiations as workers ask for severance packages.

With the move across the Highway fast approaching, workers exercised their right to strike. In a historic vote, Bay 101 workers voted
overwhelmingly to “authorize a Strike” if they did not reach an agreementwith their employer.  The strike authorization vote was 65 to 0.

Nellie Figueroa, a food server at Bay 101 who is featured prominently on the card room’s website, shared why she was striking: “I’ve been a loyal employee of Bay 101 and the Bumb family for nearly 15 years, and now that they have their fancy new casino I’m being thrown out with the trash. Their future is in that new building, and now I’ll be left wondering how I’ll support my family and get by in this expensive area.  We need fair severance packages that will sustain us while we seek work.”

UNITE HERE Local 19 Business Manager Enrique Fernandez stated, “This strike sends a strong message to the company that we demand a fair deal. We cannot just sit by and let the house win when people’s livelihoods are on the line.”

Bay 101 workers picketed until 5am on Sunday, June 23rd.

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