Cafeteria Workers at Facebook Unionize

Yesterday, more than 500 food service workers at Facebook won union representation at the tech giant’s campus in Menlo Park, CA. The workers, who are employed by contractor Flagship Facility Services, are calling for increased wages to compete with skyrocketing rents and more affordable health benefits.

These workers will join cafeteria workers at Intel, Cisco Systems, Agilent and Nvidia, who are all currently members of UNITE HERE Local 19. In addition, they are part of more than 5,000 Silicon Valley food service workers, janitors, security officers, and shuttle drivers who have unionized as part of Silicon Valley Rising, a coordinated campaign of labor, faith and community groups working to inspire the tech industry to build an inclusive middle class in Silicon Valley.
Flagship cafeteria workers at Facebook are calling on the tech company to continue to be a leader in addressing inequality and occupational segregation in the tech industry..

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