19th Annual Labor in the Pulpit/Bimah/Minbar

This year, congregations throughout Silicon Valley joined in the celebration of the 19th annual Labor in the Pulpit/Bimah/Minbar program. Needless to say, it was a success! Over 30 volunteer speakers took the Interfaith Council’s and Silicon Valley Rising’s message of affordable housing for working families into more than 70 services across Santa Clara County. More than 15,000 members of the faith community were reached, and hundreds of congregants put their faith into action by signing the Faithful Contracts in support of building a more JUST Silicon Valley and pledging to join the fight against the affordable housing crisis that is displacing our communities.

Last weekend demonstrated that the affordable housing crisis impacts working families of all backgrounds and resonates with the vast majority folks who reside in Silicon Valley. We all know someone who has faced economic hardships, worked at a job without livable wages, or struggled to cover the high rents in the region and keep a roof over their heads. The labor movement lifts up all workers in our communities by raising regional standards in the workplace, fighting for living wages and creating public policies that enable working families to afford to live where they work. The faith community has been a powerful ally since we first started fighting for a just Silicon Valley, where everyone can live and thrive. Labor Day weekend was the time to remember the common values of labor and faith: that all people deserve dignity and respect, in work and in life, and that we share a moral duty to band together and make Silicon Valley a valley of opportunity for everyone.

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