Second Community-Led SJ Google Town Hall Draws 200 Residents

Yesterday, more than 200 community members gathered at the Washington United Youth Center in downtown asking when Google and City officials are going to join them at the table to help define the vision for the company’s proposed mega-campus.

The report back from small group discussions centered around a two key issues: the need for affordable housing and good jobs for all those who will be working to support the project. Residents are acutely aware that downtown San Jose is a prime location for a company like Google, and as such, expect Google to work with them to create a project that benefits both the company and San Jose residents.

As of today, neither Google nor the City of San Jose have stated how they will engage the community. Councilmember Raul Peralez, who attended last night’s town hall, thanked the crowd for getting involved and called upon the community to continue to speak up.

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