San Jose School Trustee Zarghami’s Controversial Behavior Towards District Parent

SJUSD Trustee Paymon Zarghami has recently become embroiled in a controversy regarding his treatment of a district parent who questioned his apparent lack of transparency and possible conflict of interest on the Perseverance Charter School petition vote. The Trustee’s conduct resulted in a complaint filed by the district parent.

The parent alleged that on both May 4 during the Board meeting and on May 18 after the Board meeting, Trustee Zarghami spoke to her in a hostile and inappropriate manner. The parent further alleged that Trustee Zarghami’s actions following the May 18 Board meeting were inappropriate, increasingly abusive and invasive, and made her feel uncomfortable and afraid.

An investigation of the complaint was conducted, and the report found that:

  • Trustee Zarghami’s interactions with the complainant during the Board meeting on May 4 and following the Board meeting on May 18, were an intimidating and inappropriate way to engage with a member of the public who is entitled to address the Board regarding school district business.

Board Members voted unanimously to accept the report, requiring Trustee Zarghami to apologize to the parent, his colleagues, and the community for his behavior, review his role as a Board member, particularly as it relates to his conduct during Board meetings and with members of the public, and participate in a governance/best practices workshop conducted for the Board.

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