Google Skips Third Consecutive Community Meeting About San Jose Mega-Campus Expansion

Last night, Google representatives skipped a third consecutive community town hall meeting to discuss the impact of the tech giant’s proposed mega-campus development in San Jose.

San Jose residents and community leaders gathered to discuss the development that would bring up to 20,000 Google employees, plus an estimated 8-10,000 service workers, to the downtown area.

The town hall meeting, which took place at Gardner Community Center, was standing-room-only. Representatives from Google were invited to the event but did not attend. They also failed to show at two previous community town hall meetings about the project. Last month, Google missed a deadline (Oct 18) to deliver its community engagement plan to San Jose City Council.

Around 150 people attended for two hours to discuss their concerns about the proposed mega-campus, including the impact on rent prices, living costs and traffic. The event was put on by the Silicon Valley Rising, a coalition of labor, faith and community organizations that are inspiring the tech industry to build an inclusive Silicon Valley.

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