Policy Watch: Week of 12/18

City of San Jose

Approve Mayor’s appointments to Council Committees, Commissions, and intergovernmental bodies

Council will consider approving the Mayor’s appointment to various council standing committees and assignments to boards and commissions.

The Mayor’s proposed appointments to Council committees (Chair, Vice Chair, and 3 additional members) are as follows:

Rules:                                                                               Liccardo Carrasco Jones Khamis Davis

Public Safety, Finance, & Strategic Support:            Peralez Jones Carrasco Arenas Jimenez

Transportation & Environment:                                 Carrasco Nguyen Jimenez Diep Arenas

Community& Economic Development:                    Khamis Davis Diep Peralez Rocha

Neighborhood Services & Education:                       Rocha Arenas Nguyen Peralez Jimenez

Smart City and Innovation:                                          Liccardo Diep Davis Jones Khamis

AD-HOC Committee for Development Services: Khamis Liccardo Arenas Peralez Davis

Proposed VTA Board appointees: Liccardo, Jones, Peralez, Diep, Khamis.

The full list of appointments to boards, commissions, and inter-governmental bodies is included in the item link.

Where:  San Jose City Council

When:  December 19, 2017 1:30PM City Hall

Link to item:   https://sanjose.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&ID=5695701&GUID=77634163-A31B-4F03-B69B-FB15EEC857A3

Link to agenda:   https://sanjose.legistar.com/MeetingDetail.aspx?ID=565914&GUID=A086012B-02FB-4ECC-AA84-FC17B38B00A4&Options=info&Search=


NEW MEMO from Mayor, VM Carrasco, CMs Davis, Nguyen, and Arenas proposes a lower Affordable Housing Impact Fee & calls for a study session with SPUR to restructure all fees

Memo from Liccardo, Carrasco, Davis, Nguyen & Arenas proposes to approve the staff recommendation with the following changes:

  1. Establish an In Lieu Fee of $125,000 per unit for rental development subject to the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Program effective January 1, 2018, instead of the In-Lieu Fee of $158,343 per unit proposed in the staff memo.
  2. Convene a Council study session prior to March 31, 2018 to discuss the aggregate impact of all of the fees – to fund parks, affordable housing, transportation improvement, and other needs – that the City imposes on housing development and construction. The study session should enable the Council to:
  3. Assess and compare fees across the most commonly constructed building types;
  4. Assess and compare fees from other comparative cities in the region or state;
  5. Identify and bring transparency to the pro formas of housing projects that developers report are “not fmanceable” or “won’t pencil”;
  6. Address the question of whether the City should assess fees – including inclusionary fees – on a square footage basis, rather than per-unit basis, to properly account for the substantial distinction between building 800 square foot studios and a 2,100 square foot single-family homes;
  7. Utilize financial information drawn from actual housing developers, lenders, and contractors, vetted by a trusted independent consultant. Given the concerns about proprietary financial data becoming a public record, explore working with a competent and trusted third party, such as SPUR or a local university, to guide the work and collect the data.

The original staff proposal would also direct staff to return to City Council with a resolution that establishes a reduction in the Inclusionary In Lieu Fee to $0 (per in-lieu unit) as an incentive for high rise rental developments in the Downtown Core, if they obtain issuance of all certificates of occupancy on or prior to June 30, 2021.

Original item: Recently, the State Legislature adopted AB 1505, also known as the “Palmer Fix,” which allowed local jurisdiction to implement inclusionary housing requirements for rental and for-sale housing developments. This change in state law means potential changes to the Affordable Housing Impact Fee and Inclusionary Housing Programs as existing, and consider a resolution that revises the definition of “dwelling unit” to clarify the distinguishing characteristics of a unit subject to the Affordable Housing Impact Fee; and allows developers of qualifying projects with Affordable Rental Apartments to apply for a different method of calculating their required Affordable Housing Impact Fee. Approval of the recommendation will also Direct the City Attorney and Housing Department to return with a new ordinance imposing an inclusionary housing obligation on for-sale projects with three (3) to nineteen (19) homes.

Approval of the recommended actions is intended to clarify distinguishing characteristics of dwelling units subject to the Affordable Housing Impact Fee (AHIF), encourage the development of on-site affordable units, and apply the inclusionary housing requirements to smaller projects so as to minimize procedural discrepancies between the Inclusionary Housing and AHIF Programs. The recommended actions are intended to simplify processes, improve efficiency, and provide certainty for developers of projects, regardless of whether they are rental or for-sale.

Where:  San Jose City Council

When:  December 19, 2017 1:30PM City Hall

Link to item:  Staff Memo: https://sanjose.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&ID=5687630&GUID=3220187A-EE37-4ADD-B564-787B9EEBD0EA

Resolution (a): https://sanjose.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&ID=5683844&GUID=4CB7C180-E6CE-4F95-9726-0D36E298CE6A

Resolution (b): https://sanjose.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&ID=5683846&GUID=F1050D4C-FC95-4E60-A4A2-AD58C310FE2C

Memo from Mayor Liccardo, VM Carrasco, CMs Davis, Nguyen and Arenas: https://sanjose.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&ID=5699932&GUID=9A5E2B3C-E640-433D-8AA1-BCD1AF66BF66

Link to agenda:   https://sanjose.legistar.com/MeetingDetail.aspx?ID=565914&GUID=A086012B-02FB-4ECC-AA84-FC17B38B00A4&Options=info&Search=


City of Milpitas

Appointing City Manager

Council will be holding a closed session meeting to discuss appointment and hiring of the City Manager.

Where: Milpitas City Council

When: December 19, 2017, 6:00pm

Link to agenda: http://www.ci.milpitas.ca.gov/_pdfs/council/2017/121917/Agenda.pdf


Request from Councilmember Barbadillo for staff to conduct study on retail and commercial space in MidTown and Transit Area Specific Plan areas

Staff are recommending that Council hear request from Councilmember Barbadillo for staff to conduct a study on retail and commercial space in the MidTown and Transit Area Specific Plan areas, and approve more than four hours of staff time to complete the study.

Where: Milpitas City Council

When: December 19, 2017, 7:00pm

Link to item: http://www.ci.milpitas.ca.gov/_pdfs/council/2017/121917/attachments.pdf

Link to agenda: http://www.ci.milpitas.ca.gov/_pdfs/council/2017/121917/Agenda.pdf   


City of Cupertino

Presentation on Vallco Specific Plan

Item follow-up presentation from November 21st meeting, where the City Council on a 5-0 vote authorized the City Manager to enter into contracts with Opticos Design Group, David J. Powers and Associates (DJP) and Economic and Planning Systems, Inc. (EPS) to commence preparation of a specific plan and the required environmental review documents for the Vallco Special Area. Vallco is envisioned as a vibrant mixed-use “town center” and a Priority Housing Element site in the City’s General Plan.

Agenda items provides presentation that context for discussion of specific plan, environmental review, and economic analysis. The schedule for the Specific Plan is anticipated to occur as follows:

  1. Public Engagement – Winter 2017/Spring 2018
  2. Draft Specific Plan – late Spring/Early Summer 2018
  3. Draft Final Specific Plan – late Summer 2018
  4. Final Specific Plan –Fall 2018

Although item is not action item, the consultants will begin researching background information and initiate the EIR, Environmental impact review and community engagement process.

Where: Cupertino City Council

When: 12/19/17, 6:45 pm

Link to item: https://cupertino.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=3292296&GUID=8DB9F30C-29FB-4C6F-B1AB-F8D00F268133&Options=&Search=

Link to agenda: https://cupertino.legistar.com/MeetingDetail.aspx?ID=508244&GUID=94DA4DB4-9D93-4777-9338-19D700D6A3ED&Options=&Search=

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