The Silicon Valley Organization and Its Employee Candidates

Immediately after the Silicon Valley Organization (SVO) announced that Madison Nguyen would be their new Executive Vice President, rumors that she was positioning herself to take over the organization from Matt Mahood began to swirl. However, that seems unlikely as Nguyen is already poised to run for Santa Clara County Supervisor District 3 in 2020 and has $83,000 cash on hand.

Nguyen, who was previously endorsed by the SVO in her last two failed bids for office, isn’t the only candidate working for the SVO.  Susan Ellenberg who is running for Santa Clara County Supervisor Ken Yeager’s seat is on their payroll. The SVO has publically stated that it will not get involved in this year’s Supervisorial race because of their relationship with Ellenberg.

Will the same be true for Madison Nguyen in 2020? Will the SVO truly not get involved in elections that are important to advancing their agenda because their employees are candidates in those races?


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