Early Campaign Fundraising Numbers: San Jose City Council District 9

Fundraising reports for the month of December are due today for San Jose City Council candidates. Fundraising started in December so these are the first reports, and they give a read on who’s running strong and who isn’t.

Kalen Gallagher leads the race with $45,000 raised, much of it from techies. He also loaned himself $12,000. Shay Franco-Clausen is next in the district with a respectable $27,000 raised and $5000 in self-financing in December. Sabuhi Siddique rounds out those that have filed campaign fundraising numbers so far with $11,000 raised, including $5,000 in loans.

Other candidates in the race are Pam Foley and Rosie Zepeda, both of whom have until tonight at midnight to file their reports. We will update this post as reports are filed.

Update:  Pam foley has filed her campaign report and raised an impressive $60,000 in contributions and another $20,000 in personal loans.  Rosie Zepeda has also filed and reported nearly $10,000 raised in contributions and another $2,500 in loans.

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