Healthcare System in Santa Clara County Under Attack

Santa Clara County officials are alarmed.  Trump Administration actions could cost the County $200-$400 million per year, decimating the County’s social safety net.   Among the gravest threats are:

  • Increased cost of healthcare to those no longer insured by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and once more uninsured. This alone would impact the County healthcare system by approximately $150 million per year;
  • Anticipated cuts to the Quality Improvement Program would impact the County healthcare system by approximately $94 to $200 million per year;
  • Federal reforms that target Temporary Aid to Needy Families (CalWORKs) and Food Stamps (CalFresh). The annual impact to Santa Clara County could reach $25 million; and
  • Proposed changes, more favorable to drug manufacturers, to the 340B Drug Discount Program which would increase Santa Clara County’s annual medication costs by $20 million.

The public services infrastructure that the County has built is a life line for residents, ensuring access to medical treatments, medications and health care.  Without these services, hundreds of thousands of County residents will suffer.  Expect to hear more about the need for new revenue to support essential County services.

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